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Valuers are frequently asked questions as to the impact of climate change and sustainability on the valuation of CRE investments. Some of the broadest questions are relatively straightforward to answer while other more technical ones are less so.

How do sustainability considerations affect the value of CRE investment?
The issue of sustainability is becoming ever more prominent in Denmark. Because of the contribution of buildings to carbon emissions, the real estate sector is in the forefront of this shift, with much of the focus on operational energy efficiency and sustainable development: the so-called ‘green building’.

Despite this, buildings with green credentials remain relatively scarce in Denmark with the result that evidence of sufficient track record is difficult to find and share across the market. This is partly because ‘developing green’ is still perceived as more expensive, and because the evidence is limited as to the commercial rewards of doing so. 


Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey is an Executive Director and Head of Valuation & Advisory services in Denmark. As well as leading operations in Denmark, he is also a member of the CBRE EMEA Executive Committee group for the valuation business line, representing the Nordics.
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