About CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

CBRE GWS is the world’s largest provider of integrated solutions within facilities management and strategic real estate services. We assist global and local companies when they want to optimize their real estate portfolio and focus on core business.

We offer strategic advisory & transaction services with the purpose of developing the workplace or the building and achieve savings by streamlining real estate portfolios across geographies and building types.

The Perfect Setting
If our clients need more space or want to consolidate or maybe move to a new location, we are ready to guide them, in Denmark as well as abroad. The perfect solution starts with understanding the clients’ strategy and needs and from there build the perfect setting.

Value for Money
We look at the total cost of maintaining a building – from rent to the services delivered in and around the building. We call it “Total Cost of Occupancy” and the goal is to reduce them or get more value for the money spent.

All our employees are experts at what they do and we offer specialist knowledge in all areas of facilities maintenance, critical environments, data centers and management. In addition, we are part of a global organization with a unique network of experience that enables us to offer local solutions based on global best practice.

Effective Facilities Management
Our goal is to maintain and manage buildings as low cost and energy efficient as possible. We do this through globally developed, locally adapted best practice which means that we are always at the forefront when it comes to implementing improvements or developing innovative concepts.

We have invested in the best technology of the industry to be able to offer a platform which is as flexible and current as possible. It allows us to contribute strategic input on investments and effectively manage budgets ensuring control and transparency when it comes to both local and global real estate portfolio.

On the fore-front of Technology
We are world leading when it comes to technology. We invest significantly in developing and testing new ideas that will optimize and define the workplace of the future and the most efficient ways of maintaining buildings. With several test centers around the world, we continuously trial new solutions and explore technological possibilities.

Digitalization of real estate portfolio
Digitalization of real estate portfolio is the back bone of our approach to optimizing building utilization. We create overview and provide solid grounds for making strategic decisions.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our outsourcing models which are adaptable depending on the need you have and the result you are looking for.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management solutions are flexible and include all services tailored to client needs. We focus on quality, safety and optimization to achieve savings for our clients.

Data Centre Solutions

Up-time is a must for all companies. It requires strategic and technical insight to make sure our clients’ critical environments are maintained and managed in such a way that down-time is eliminated. Our data center solutions team is specialized in this and we offer a range of solutions to manage critical environments.

Technical Services

We deliver technical maintenance and project management with technical insights and advise our clients about their building assets from a holistic perspective. We take into account lifetime, maintenance costs and replacement costs in order to recommend the best solutions and then implement them.

CBRE | Intego

CBRE GWS has acquired Intego, which is one of Denmark's leading suppliers of technical solutions and special services to professional customers. We can therefore now offer our customers a wide range of services within electrical engineering, mechanics and automation.