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We help occupiers solve complex business problems, through real estate solutions. Consulting leverages deep, sector-specific expertise, the experience gained through thousands of client engagements and unparalleled data and technology to holistically diagnose opportunities. We work across multiple dimensions: experiences, talent, transformational change,  operations, location, and cost.

Whether you are building a new strategy, reimagining an existing one, or tackling just one aspect of your real estate ecosystem, our people help you develop innovative, integrated solutions to your unique challenges.

Real Estate challenges are more complex than ever.

We know how important it is to view solutions from every angle . Whether your vision and opportunity are immediately apparent, or you are not sure where to start, we provide an end-to-end, actionable strategy that will optimise cost, enhance performance, elevate experiences and streamline operations.

We help companies of all sizes…

  • Expand or relocate
  • Create an onsite brand experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Re-evaluate your existing footprint
  • Improve access to the supply chain
  • Develop a headquarters strategy
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Create an inviting space for employees, clients, customers or tenants
  • Optimise the operating model or operations for your locations

Our Expert Team

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