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When you enter www.cbre.dk (the "Website"), you also confirm that you are a business user aged 18 and over and have permission to access the Website, just as you accept that you will comply with the following conditions and Terms of Use ("Terms and Conditions").

These Terms and Conditions govern your access to the Website except in cases where there are special terms and conditions that apply to certain parts of the Website and which appear on that page on the Website. If you do not want to accept these Terms and Conditions, do not access the Website. It is clarified that references to "we", "us", "our" and "ourselves" in the Terms and Conditions refer to CBRE A/S,  and related companies and group companies.

The Terms and Conditions, together with our privacy policy ("Privacy Policy"), which is available at the address www.cbre.dk/da/om-cbre/privatlivspolitik, form the basis for our collection, use and disclosure of certain personal information from you. By using the Website, you represent at the same time that you understand and accept the content of the Terms and Conditions.

We may, from time to time, change the Terms and Conditions and then post a version of the amended Terms and Conditions on the Website. You agree to abide by such updated Terms and Conditions from the time they are posted on the Website. We recommend that you regularly visit the Website and this page to ensure that

1. Access

We reserve the right to give only authorized, registered users access to certain parts of the Website. If you as a user are required to register with us before you can access certain parts of the Website, you agree to provide us with correct, accurate, current and complete information, including, but not limited to, a member name and a password as well as your name, address, telephone number and a valid e-mail address ("Account Information"). You agree that you will make the necessary updates to your Account Information so that it is always correct. CBRE uses your Account Information in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.

You agree that you will notify us immediately in the event of unauthorized use of your member name, password or account. CBRE assumes no responsibility for any loss that may arise from the unauthorized use of your account, and you agree that you will indemnify CBRE for any unlawful, unauthorized or illegal use of your account.

2. Permission to use the Website

CBRE grants you a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable permission to use the Website in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Any use of the Website that is not specifically stated in connection with the Terms and Conditions is strictly prohibited.

3. Intellectual property

You acknowledge that CBRE owns or licenses all forms of access and copyright to the content of the Website. All access rights and intellectual property rights to the permitted content made available on the Website belong to the respective content owners and may be protected by applicable copyright and intellectual property laws as well as treaties and are subject to restrictions under these laws and treaties.

You are permitted to access the Website to find information and use the content for internal business purposes, just as you have the opportunity to copy the Website's on the condition that this is done for internal, business use and in such a manner, that you comply with all copyright and other proprietary rights requirements. Any modification, transfer, rental, copying or use of the Website's content for public or commercial purposes (other than internal, commercial use) is prohibited. The following registered trademarks and trademarks belong to CBRE: CBRE and the company logo as well as certain other CBRE trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos (collectively referred to as "CBRE trademarks") used in connection with the provision of products and services by CBRE. The Website may contain trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos of third parties. You have no rights or licenses with respect to the CBRE Trademarks or any third party trademarks

4. Restrictions

You agree that you will refrain from: (i) using the Website for the purpose of reproducing, transmitting, displaying or distributing copyrighted material, in any form and by any means, without CBRE's express written permission; (ii) copy, store, edit, modify, create derivative works or otherwise alter the content made available on the Site; or (iii) use the Website in a manner that violates the Terms and Conditions.

You agree that you will refrain from: (a) pretending to be another person or organization or incorrectly stating that you are affiliated with another person or organization; (b) use spamming, retrieving email addresses or other personal information, using spider, screen scraping or database scraping or any other activity for the purpose of obtaining records of users or other information, including in particular records of properties appearing on the Site; (c) to send chain letters or pyramid schemes through the Website; (d) attempting to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems through the Website; or (d) to use the Website in a manner that may damage, render, render, overburden or weaken the Website or affect the use and exploitation of the Website by other parties.

5. Privacy Policy and Disclosure of Information

Your use of the Website is subject to CBRE's privacy policy, unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions. With the exception of identifiable personal information, which is subject to the rules of our Privacy Policy, all types of material that is transferred to or posted on the Website are to be regarded as non-confidential and not subject to ownership. CBRE has no obligations in relation to this material. Messages and other material that you upload to or post on the Website are and will continue to be our property, and when you submit these, you also give your permission for us to use them for purposes at our discretion, without you thus has the right to compensation.

6. Disclaimer

The Website is provided in its present form. Any use of the Website is at your own risk. To the extent permitted by law, CBRE makes no warranties, either express or implied (including, but not limited to, implied warranties of satisfactory quality, usability, and diligence and skill). CBRE makes no representations or warranties that the Site may not be affected by destruction, attacks, viruses, interruptions, hacking or other security breaches.

We have made a careful effort to ensure that we provide accurate and complete information. However, the Website is made available to you free of charge and we do not accept responsibility for any loss and damage that may arise as a direct or indirect consequence of the use of the Website (or inability to use it) or the information available on the Website. . Listings of properties appearing on the Website may contain errors, omissions and may be subject to price changes, changes in rental or other terms, intermediate sales, leasing or financing and termination without notice. Forecasts, statements, assumptions and assessments that may appear on the Website serve only as an example and do not necessarily reflect the current or future performance of a listed property.

7. Liability for damages

The Terms and Conditions do not limit CBRE's liability for death and personal injury that may arise as a result of negligence on our part, as well as for incorrect information provided against better knowledge.

Under no circumstances will CBRE be liable to you for indirect, general, special, incidental, consequential, penal or other damages (including, without limitation, for operating losses, business interruption, file corruption, loss of business information and other material damage) in connection with with the Website or in connection with the use or inability to use the Website or the results of the use of the Website, including also in cases where CBRE has been made aware of such damages. Even if CBRE provides oral or written information or advice, this does not establish a guarantee and neither you nor a third party can rely on such information or advice.

8. Indemnification

You have a duty to indemnify CBRE for all forms of loss, claim for payment, receivables and costs (both direct and indirect) which arise on the basis of (i) claims that your use, possession or use of the Website or any part thereof , in violation of the Terms - this be in any way and in relation to any kind of material that you submit to us - infringes the copyrights and intellectual property rights of third parties; or (ii) your use or misuse of the Website.

9. General

You agree that you will comply with all applicable, relevant laws in connection with the use of the Website.

CBRE and the Company's business partners may present advertisements or sales material on or through the Website. When you engage in business with third-party advertisers or participate in promotions initiated by third-party advertisers on or through the Website, this is a matter solely between you and that third party, and your participation here is subject to the terms and conditions that may be attached. to that ad or campaign. CBRE does not incur any liability and liability in any form as a result of such business or as a result of such third party material being found on the Website.

Links on the Website and other websites that we operate may. redirect the user to third party sites. The content, reliability and function of these sites are beyond the control of CBRE and we do not assume any responsibility for these sites, nor do we support the content of such third party sites. Specifically, the business you are involved with in relation to these third party operators is subject to the (any) terms and conditions set by each site operator.

Access to all or part of the Website may be suspended without notice.

If a court finds that a provision under the Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions will still be fully applicable and have full legal force.

Even if we fail to enforce a right or remedy under the Terms and Conditions, this does not mean that we hereby waive such right or remedy.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement and contract between the parties in connection with the use of the Website and take precedence over and replace all other terms and conditions that are intended to be used.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Danish law and you hereby acknowledge that cases can only be subject to the jurisdiction of Danish courts.