Case Study

British American Tobacco (BAT)

CBRE was able to secure a lease in landmark building close to both the City center and Harbor front. A turn-key quality lease that matched BAT's requirements.


Key Information

  • Client

    British American Tobacco (BAT)

  • Size & Location

    3,200 sq m in Central Copenhagen

  • Business Lines Involved

    A&T Occupier
    Workplace Strategy
    Project Management


The Objective

British American Tobacco Denmark (BAT) wanted to relocate as their Danish HQ no longer reflected the organization and also BAT wanted the business to work in a more modern and efficient way. Furthermore BAT was looking to share amenities such as canteen, shared reception and meeting rooms in a multi-tenant building in order to optimize the leased space. Finally BAT was seeking to implement a “new way of working” considering both Activity Based Working principles and desk sharing concept.

The Challenge

BAT wanted a location centrally in the city, offering both easy access by car and public transport. The building also had to allow for parking on-site, offer shared high-quality service and a high level of shared security measures allowing BAT to reduce cost and time spent for FM services in-house. The Copenhagen Market Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 had a limited number of options in the desired area and with the desired facilities.

Solution & Outcome

CBRE was able to secure a lease in landmark building close to both the City center and Harbor front. A turn-key quality lease, with shared reception, canteen, meeting facilities, fitness and security measures – all to meet the BAT requirement. The building sits in active surroundings and easy access for clients and employees. The building is a grade A+ building, achieving both an upgrade in quality, optimized floorplan and space suited for the BAT organization, and allowing for implementation of a new way of working. The 3,000+ square meters will hold a modern workspace embracing collaboration across functions, improvement of workplace culture and a customized workspace. CBRE was also able to secure flexible lease terms - allowing for organizational adjustments over the lease term and savings based on negotiated terms and tailored built-to-suit lease.

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