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One of the world’s largest networks of real estate project managers. Professionals who plan and execute a full range of services customised meticulously to achieve your objectives. From setting a clear brief and allocating realistic budgets, our focus is on risk mitigation, optimising delivery programmes and creating enduring value.  We use proven methods to enhance certainty and visibility, so you remain firmly in control throughout the entire real estate journey.

End-to-End Services

  • BIM
    Federated 3D digital building models that deliver design process efficiency, and set the basis for digital FM.
  • Building Certifications
    Building installation compliance testing and verification.
  • Capital Planning
    Plan and manage capital projects with a focus on value and cost control.
  • Change Management
    Handle mid-project scope changes and contractual impacts efficiently.
  • Commissioning
    Pre-completion system performance and compliance verification.
  • Construction Risk Management
    Analyse, avoid and plan mitigation for project risks.
  • Cost Consultancy
    Plan and control project budgets, estimate project costs and manage waste.
  • Document Control
    Organise team-wide workflow and paper trails electronically, putting you in control with every detail at your fingertips.
  • Engineering Consultancy
    Building systems design rooted in energy efficiency, low cost in use and ease of maintenance.
  • Environmental & Feasibility
    Understand, manage and mitigate environmental project risks with practical strategies from sector specialists.
  • Technical Due Diligence
    Identifying technical risks and liabilities for vendors, purchasers and occupiers.
  • Health & Safety (QHSE)
    Manage liability through effective construction safety, mitigate site risks and maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Interior Design
    Inspiring interiors built on our profound knowledge of global workplace practice.
  • Move Management
    Sophisticated processes for businesses to transition effortlessly between workplaces.
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Sourcing
    Use our relationships to get the best from the market.
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
    Manage complex and multi-site projects with a dedicated, embedded team of project experts handling everything for you.
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments
    Protect your assets with the right buildings insurance cover from industry experts.
  • Sustainability & Energy Consulting
    ESG values put into practice through strategies to access energy renewables and pivot to sustainable resources.
  • Workplace
    Expertise to create the best working environments, use space well and create work settings that stimulate and energise.
  • Workplace Consulting
    Define the exact requirements for your future workplace through user-centered research.
  • Workplace Technology Services
    Technology to support a seamless work experience with our full suite of technology consulting, design and project management services.

We are able to deliver as Agent or Principal, depending on the project requirements and your needs. Learn more about our Principal Delivery capabilities.

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